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What are DC Fans?

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           DC fans also known as DC Brushless Fans or DC Axial Fans and DC Blower Fans are basically cooling fans engineered to meet requirements such as higher air flows at high static pressures with low noise low power

consumption. As bearinngs type, There have Ball Bearing, Sleeve Bearing, Hydro Bearing and Ceramic Bearing, each type bearing have different span life and final cost. In the market, there have some famous brands such as

Delta Fan, AVC Fan, Sunon Fan, ADDA fan, NMB Fan.

Yofolon super cooling fan manufactures Brushless DC fans in varied sizes ranging from 20 mm to 250 mm. These fans are available in plastic blade as well as metal blade. Plastic blade DC fans are generally of sizes

30mm,40mm,50mm, 60mm,70mm, 80mm, 92mm, 120mm and 172mm and metal blade DC fans are of sizes 80mm and 120mm. Yofolon is a manufacturer of 12V DC fans, 24V DC fans, 48V DC fans,220V AC fans and non

standard voltages upon request. These DC Brushless Fans are available in both low speed as well as high speed depending upon the application.

Yofolon’s extremely light weight, plastic brushless fans have been designed meticulously so as to provide an additional 30% increase in air flow. These DC Compact Fans have special features like Fan Failure Alarm and

Alarm Signal For Speed Monitoring.

Amongst other advantages these brushless fans have low power consumption, low noise and a vast life span. Yofolon Compact DC fans are endowed with excellent safety features meeting UL, CE, RoHS, CSA, IEC

standards and we welcome OEM/ODM orders from all of the world!