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The Different between Sleeve bearing and Ball bearing

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Sleeve Bearing:


  1.The bearing is cooper axle sleeve   ,so it is very impact-resistant and it can cut down the transport loss.

  2.Cheaper than ball bearings


 1.  The dust will get into the motor to mixed with lubricating oil, it will make the running noise and badly locked the motor.

 2.   The bearing inner diameter easy to wear, so the lifespan is short.

 3.   It is not good for protable device.

 4.   Axis and bearing friction, the temperature will higher to cut down the lifespan.


Ball Bearing:


 1. The metal ball bearing as point contact, so it will be easy activate the functioning.

 2.  It can be used for kinds of portable products, but it also need avoid flop or drop out.

 3.  Have a long time lifespan.

 4.  It is stable operating.


 1. The ball bearing construction is fragile, it can not bear the impact force.

 2. The motor running, the ball will make more noise.

 3. The cost is higher than sleeve bearings.

 4. The ball bearing use the spring to fix the position, so it is not easy to assembling.